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I began riding dressage as an older adult in my early 50s, starting my training with Stephanie and using her lesson horses. In time Stephanie helped me find and purchase my own Swedish Warmblood Jameson who has been my riding partner for the last 13 years. From the beginning Meadowgate has been a warm, welcoming barn with experienced, knowledgeable and supportive teachers willing to assist with all matter of horse questions, whether about riding technique, equine medical concerns, dietary needs or barn management. They give Jameson and all the horses the very best in turnout, exercise and oversight. The arena is beautiful, pastures spacious, riding trails easily accessible and clinics are wonderful to ride in or observe. Both Jameson and I are extremely happy with our barn and the lovely people in it!

- Kathy Wolfe

Meadowgate is a gorgeous facility with top-notch care.  My mare gets an individualized feeding regime with daily grass pasture turn-out. It is a huge relief  to know that if I am unable to make it out to the barn for a day ; or , that when I want to go on vacation, I can do so and  not worry at all  about my mare knowing that she will get great care. While safety is paramount at Meadowgate, the atmosphere is laid- back and relaxing.

Both Ann and Stephanie are very knowledgeable horse- women who readily share their expertise.
Ann and Stephanie are also incredible instructors-dynamic, patient, and enthusiastic. I would not have been able to come back to the sport that I loved as a child without the encouragement and expertise of these two amazing trainers! Thank you Ann and Stephanie!.

- Lara Stephens

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