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Stephanie Blockley-Clarke

Stephanie Blockley-Clarke teaches and trains with 40 years of experience and wisdom behind her.  

She takes a personal interest in each of her students and strives towards improving their education in a disciplined, fun and inspiring way

Detailed explanations and prompted questions are a staple of Stephanie's lessons.  She wants her students to own their learning and to be actively involved in the problem solving of their training issues.  

Stephanie's dressage foundation came from the late German dressage master Dietrich von Hopffgarten who she worked with for twelve year after a one year apprenticeship.  She also gained insight and experience from her late husband Tony Clarke from their sixteen year training and breeding program together.  

Stephanie believes in continuing education for herself.  She currently clinics several times a year with Jeremy Steinberg and Wolfgang Scherzer.  In the past, she has ridden with clinicians, such as Linda Zang, Axel Steiner, Conrad Schumacher, Hilda Gurney and Melle van Bruggen.

Competitions have always been an active part of Stephanie's training experience.  Most of her accomplishments were in the 1980's and 1990's, well before Centerline Scores even existed on the internet.  She has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals and is only a few Grand Prix scores away from her Gold medal.  Stephanie has earned multiple USDF Horse of the Year National Awards on many different horses at all levels.

In  1981, after travelling across the country to Oklahoma to attend the USDF Insilco National Championship (the first time that the East Coast riders and the West Coast riders met head to head), she earned reserve National Champion at Second Level on Return Engagement, her AQHA gelding.  She also competed on her sister's Paint gelding Friar Patch at Prix St. George.  In 1982, she and Return Engagement earned Third Level National Champion in Kansas City, Missouri at the same USDF Insilco National Championship head to head competition. Some notable riders in this competition were Robert Dover, Kay Meredith just to name a few.  In later years the National Championships have changed format several times, and have continued to evolve.  

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