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Stephanie Blockley-Clarke and Ann Tukey Shideler are relentless in their pursuit of excellence.  Meadowgate students thrive in a supportive and encouraging environment that is based on honesty and diplomacy. 

The high level of knowledge and real-world experience that Stephanie and Ann bring to the barn is practical and invaluable.  These two instructors are approachable and simply want to meet people where they are and help them move to the next level in knowledge and riding without judgement. 


There are opportunities for brand-new nervous riders as well as those who are more accomplished seeking higher end instruction.


  We have direct access to miles of trails on the Pilchuck Tree Farm and short trails that run throughout the property.     


This tranquil setting is ideal for both horse and rider.  The high level of individualized care the horses receive means you never have to worry about your horse.

Educating Riders to be Confident and Independent 

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